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Wondering what's wrong with your door? Not sure what to do? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers to help get you on your way. If you're still stuck, give us a call!

What type of door should I buy?

Location, climate and building codes are just a few factors to consider when determining which type of garage door is right for your home. Depending on the region you live in, you may need to choose a wind load option for your garage door. Wind loaded garage doors help safeguard your home in high wind prone areas. With garage doors serving as the largest and often times the primary entrance to the home, an insulated garage door may also be right for you.

How to pick the best garage door?

When picking the best garage door for you, a good place to start is with material type. Most garage doors are made from either wood, steel or fiberglass. These three materials are strong, durable and each have their unique benefits at various price points.

Maintaining your garage door system

RJ Garage Door Service are built with longevity in-mind. By performing a few routine tasks, you can help ensure your garage door system stays safe and stands the test of time. One important part of garage door system routine maintenance is to make sure the photo-eyes have not gone out of alignment. The photo-eyes are the infrared sensors which monitor whether the space at the bottom of your garage door is clear. When these sensors are not lined up properly they will keep your door from closing. Make sure to occasionally check your photo-eyes' alignment to ensure they are correctly detecting obstructions to keep your garage door safe and operating properly.

Can I turn off or remove the safety beams?

No. All residential garage door openers manufactured since 1993 require some form of safety device to protect people, pets and objects from injury or damage if they are in the door's path. The opener will not be in compliance if the beam is tampered with, removed, or otherwise disengaged.

How do I open the garage door when there is a power outage?

It depends on the model so always refer to the owner's manual for further instructions. You can open the door from the inside using the red emergency release cord. Opening the door from the outside requires installation of an emergency release lock.

How do I tell if the garage door spring is balanced properly?

Disconnect the opener by pulling the red release cord with the door fully closed. Open the door halfway by hand and let go of the door. The door should pretty much stay in the same position, although some slight drifting may occur. If the door wants to drop or if it opens on its own, the garage door springs should be adjusted by trained and experienced garage door service technicians.

How often should my garage door be serviced?

Your garage door is the largest piece of moving equipment in your home. Most families use their garage door more than their front door. In order to ensure a properly working door and opener, you should have your garage door and opener serviced every year. The noises your door or opener make are your initial "warnings" that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result. Regular service can extend the life of your door and opener.

I heard a loud bang in the garage and can't open the garage door. What happened?

It is very highly likely that you have a broken spring that should be replaced by an experienced and qualified garage door service technician. If your springs (torsion springs) are on a shaft across the top of the door, you will see an approx. 2" separation in the spring. If your springs (extension springs) stretch along the track on the sides you will find that they are very obviously in two separate pieces. It is recommended that you replace both springs if only one is broken since they both have the same wear and tear.

Why does the garage door reverse and open when I try to close it?

The likely culprit is an obstruction in the path of the door. Check for and clear any obstruction in the path of the door. If the problem persists, check to see if the safety beams are dirty or miss-aligned. Simply point them directly at each other.

Why the opener running but the door is not moving?

The door may be disengaged. Check to be sure that the red emergency release cord hasn't been pulled. If this is the culprit, re-engage the carriage. How to re-engage the carriage depends on the model. See your owner's manual for more details. The other possibility is that a plastic gear inside the motor has stripped. Many brands have replaceable gears.

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